OT2 — Bonsai software

OT2 is software for keeping up with your bonsai collection from top to bottom.  It has tree and pot management.  It contains plenty of room to record events and make notes throughout the life of your bonsai.  It also has good picture management and botanical sheets for many different species of trees.  The best feature?  It’s free.  I highly recommend checking this software out to keep up with the progress of your bonsai trees.  Remember to always backup the information though, and I would keep a printed version as well.

Here’s some of the newest features:

  • Types of the species, events, pictures, shapes of pots, tree styles can be now fully managed by the end user (including deletion),
  • pot management should be fixed,
  • All views are kept synchronized when you introduce a modification in one of them,
  • possibility of having sheet facts for species.Sheet can be exported and imported through a xml file.
  • One can add several pictures at once (nice for left, right, back, front series) and integration with the graphic editor has been improved : choose some pics in the add pic dialog, launch the graphic editor from within ot2 , modify and save the picture in the editor, then the picture preview in the dialog is automatically updated.
  • Resizing values can now be configured in the pref menu,
  • added multi-core or multi cpu support for lengthy operation like adding pics,
  • navigation in the event view improved : you can choose also the type of events you want to see and open the tree history to which an event belongs to directly from the event view (the goal is the following : I decide, for example, to repote some trees, I open “to do” events for them, at repoting time, go to the event view, chose “to do” and “repoting”, you have the list of events, you click on one event and you get the history of the tree).
  • Assistants to export OT2 and its collection to a removable media and to import back into the main collection the modifications,
  • Better html export (the pic size can be choosen),
  • Assistant to export a picture to a determined file size : handy to post pictures in internet forum !

OT2 Screenshot

Download Here

OT2 Website


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