Welcome the American Bonsai Society’s newest member!

This week my wonderful fiance bought me a membership into the American Bonsai Society.  For just $40, I joined an association of bonsai artists spanning the entire North America.

Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering national bonsai organization for North America, including Mexico, the United States, and Canada. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in bonsai and to serve as a focal point for bonsai learning in North America. We provide a variety of educational and support services, as well as publishing a quarterly Bonsai Journal for the bonsai community.

Membership gets you an annual subscription to Bonsai: Journal of the American Bonsai Society, the ability to participate in the ABSForum (an email discussion group), discounts on purchases through the ABS Book Service, and the ability to participate in contests.  I’m still many years off from participating in any contests, but I’m glad to be supporting bonsai and already have been enjoying the articles and news on the web site.  I’m considering participating in the ABS Mentor program that helps you learn the art from professionals in the American Bonsai Society.  That experience will hopefully be for another blog though.  I encourage everyone that is serious about the art to buy a membership as soon as possible.
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