All about pot selection

Bonsai Tonight has a good article on pot selection that’s worth reading.  I have been looking at several different kinds of pots lately, but for an entirely different reason.  I have been struggling with the best type (size and material) of grow pot for future bonsai.  Maybe I’ll blog about it once my research is done.  For now, head over to Bonsai Tonight

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Repotted Azalea Bonsai

I blogged about the “Shanghai Rosie” Azalea bonsai that I purchased from Guy Guidry a few months ago. I had gotten a new pot over Christmas and decided to repot it in something a little larger and thought the blue pot would go great with the green leaves and pink flowers. I bought the blue Houtoku pot from Bonsai Monk. It’s probably not the time for it, most people repot after the flowering period I think, but It’s progressing nicely and there are even 3 flowers hidden in the leaves. I’m hoping to see a lot more flower production next year.

Shanghai Rosie Azalea Bonsai

Shanghai Rosie Azalea Bonsai

Finding that perfect pot

Bonsai is a tree in a pot. A lot of people focus on the tree, and forget about a major component of the display, the pot. A mediocre bonsai can be greatly improved sitting the perfect bonsai pot. Where can you get those one-of-a-kind pots that everyone will ask about? I’ve linked a couple of American potters that are highly recommended by bonsai artists and a couple where you can get pots from the famous Tokoname region of China where they have been making pots for hundreds of years from the special clay there:

Sara Rayner’s Bonsai Pottery

Wild Things Bonsai Studio

Dallas Bonsai

Iker Pottery Works and Bonsai

From time to time, you can also find some really nice pots on eBay since it’s very easy for potters to sell their creations there.

Oriental Arts and Furniture

Maiban Bonsai

That should get you started. Pots can tell a more interesting story than the bonsai tree itself in some cases, so take your time while you perfect your bonsai tree to find the perfect pot.